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Why the GRE Must Go: The Tyranny of Standardized Testing

From The Minaret:

Simply, the biggest problem with tests like the GRE is that one cannot challenge the validity of the test itself. Instead, the test-taker must work within the established rules of the test, whether or not he or she accepts them, or face permanent consequences to the future of his or her education. This is the antithesis of empowering education. In essence, the GRE represents the colonization of a student’s ideas or possibilities. High-stakes standardized testing is about artificially reproducing an unequal class system in education that bars access for students that don’t fit into the dominant culture.

SATs Are Cheating Students, Not the Other Way Around

From Policy Mic:

Eliminating this stressful, and quite frankly, painful process would help students see the road to college in a different light. Rather than focusing on the immense pressures and destroyed dreams, students could actually focus on the college’s actual attributes and the opportunities of attending. A student’s academic intelligence can’t be summed up in a three-hour test; forcing them to endure such an anxiety makes what should be an exciting experience a dreadful one.