ETS, Collegeboard, and ACT, Inc consistently and shamelessly take advantage of American students and aspiring professionals for financial gain, and have been doing so for many years.

The young Americans that take exams from the Big 3 are not typically customers by choice - they are almost invariably required (by academic institutions or employers) to take specific exams from the Big 3. As a result of this captive customer base, the Big 3 enjoy unbreakable natural monopolies in many testing areas.

Furthermore, the Big 3 are essentially government-endorsed monopolies as a result of the "non-profit" status that the IRS has granted each of them, which effectively immunizes them from prosecution under antitrust law (and, as a bonus, gives them a huge advantage over their struggling for-profit competitors).

The Big 3 have taken full advantage of their special circumstances, and enjoy enormous financial rewards from their exploitation of powerless American students and young professionals:

Worst of all, Americans across the country have been asking for reform from the Big 3 testing companies for decades. Apparently integrity and fairness are too much to ask for, because the Big 3 have only responded by acting with even greater disregard for ethics and accountability. Clearly, the Big 3 do not deserve their non-profit statuses.

The Big 3 have violated their promises for too long. AETR is here to stop them from getting away with it any longer. Their non-profit statuses should be revoked for abuse, and they should become subject to oversight that will ensure they can no longer exploit the young Americans that are required to take their exams.