The standardized testing industry sells test prep materials and finances for-profit testing companies to solidify their monopolistic practices.

Selling Test Prep Materials

Who wouldn't want to study for a test with questions from the real thing, provided by the company that created it? That's what the Big 3 say, and they are all taking inappropriate advantage of their natural edge in test preparation materials. (College Board even sells theirs under the tagline, "Practice with official SAT test prep questions.") Unfortunately, it is patently unfair for test-takers because only those wealthy enough to pay for these score-boosting supplements can get them. Shouldn't testing companies (especially non-profit ones) be morally and legally obligated to treat all test-takers equally?

It is unethical, and possibly illegal, for a testing company to sell test prep materials because it hands an advantage to wealthier test-takers. Selling study aids tips the balance in favor of individuals that have the disposable income to buy these materials. Why don't the Big 3 non-profit testing companies hold themselves a higher standard of ethical conduct and leave test preparation to the private sector?


Sold By Product Cost
ETS The Praxis Series Official Guide $28.95
ETS Official Guide to the TOEFL® Test, Third Edition $29.95
ETS Official Guide to the GRE® revised General Test $35.00
ACT ACT Online Prep $19.95
ACT The Real ACT Prep Guide $30.95
Collegeboard The Official SAT Online Course $69.95
Collegeboard The Official SAT Online Guide $21.99